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Sonya Patel




Harissa (Original, Cilantro, Mint), Masala Paste and new spice blends coming in Q1 2021


Year Founded




Where did you initially create your product?

After testing recipes at home, we began producing at the Central Kitchen.

Where can you find your product(s) today?

Farmer’s markets, local/regional/national stores, retail and ecommerce. You can find us directly on our website at, on Amazon at, or at any of the following local retailers in Northeast Ohio: PURE Blend Smoothie + Cafe, My Mindful Market, Local Flavors NEO, Ohio Artisan Collective, and Cleveland Tradeworks.

What did you do in a former life?

I was a business strategy consultant and then an elementary school teacher. Now I run a nonprofit called ZENworks Yoga as well as PUR Spices.

What inspired your product(s)?

As a food lover and mom of children with food allergies, I was sick and tired of spending hours scrutinizing food labels wondering what was in my spices and sauces.  All I wanted was to find fresh, healthy and tasty cooking ingredients that didn’t have a running list of additives, preservatives, fillers and top allergens. And that’s why I created PUR Spices Limited. PUR Spices is a company that operates with the philosophy of using only wholesome ingredients to create exceptional experiences enhancing everyday foods. We make high-quality sauces and spices of international flavor.

How has Central Kitchen helped your business?

I wouldn’t be in business without the Central Kitchen! I went through the incubator during the product development and feasibility phase which was extremely helpful. Our product requires us to produce at a commercial kitchen, along with additional guidelines, which makes the kitchen critical to our operations. I am also a part of the community created by everyone here which has been invaluable, especially as someone who is new to the food business world!

Which Central Kitchen services were used?

We use the facilities for storage, production, as well as additional resources like training classes and marketing opportunities.

Goals for the future:

We would like to gain traction in large retail as well as grow our online presence. 

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